Mechelen, Belgium: Arvada's First Sister City

Location: Between Brussels and Antwerp
Population: 90,000
Language: Flemish, English widely spoken

Mechelen is world renowned for its carillon (bells) concerts. Most of the world's carilloners have received their training in Mechelen. The city also has other claims to fame; tapestry, furniture, and horticultural industries. The many sights and sounds of Mechelen are exhibited in its gothic cathedral with carillons, town hall, and museums, as well as lively shopping areas.

In November of 1992, Arvada formally established its first sister city relationship with Mechelen, Belgium. Located midway (about 14 miles from each) between the capital city of Brussels and Belgium's largest seaport, Antwerp, Mechelen promises to provide Arvada with many opportunities for educational, cultural, and social exchange.

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