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City Council Agendas, Packets and Minutes

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The City Council holds four regular meetings each month. The first and third Mondays of each month are regular business meetings and the second and fourth Mondays are regular workshops. The Current City Council Meeting Packet that contains agenda information, as well as details about agenda items, is posted here on the Friday before each Monday meeting. 

Previous City Council Meeting Packets and Previous City Council Meeting Minutes (once approved) are also posted here.

All City Council Meeting Minutes and Packets are now available through Arvada's public document portal: CityDocs. A general search term is required to access documents. Enter a general term such as Minutes 2017 or Packet 2016 in the Document Name Search window. After an initial set of documents is returned, enter a more specific term into the Document Content Search window. This feature will allow  documents related to a specific topic to be located. Questions? Please call Kristen Rush, City Clerk, at 720-898-7546.  PLEASE NOTE: On October 1, 2017 the link to CityDocs will be the only way to access previous City Council Meeting Minutes and packets. Current Packets will still be posted here on the Friday before each Monday meeting.  

 Visit CityDocs Now