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Street Maintenance Projects

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The information below is updated regularly. If you need real-time project details, please see contact information below.

Money spent for 2017 Street Maintenance Projects:

  • Concrete Total: $798,000
  • Asphalt Patching Total: $2,891,418

Mill and Overlay


Street maintenance involving mill and overlay takes place in two phases. Phases will be completed at separate times. 

Phase 1: Patching

Phase 2: Mill and Overlay

Road being patched Street being milled and overlaid

Asphalt is Patched 

Patching fills cracks or holes that are deep. Once a street is patched, it will have visible patches and may be a little rough. The street project is not complete.

New Asphalt is Laid

Following patching, the top two inches of the  asphalt will be removed. New asphalt will be laid. After the street is completed, it will be a smooth driving surface.

Mill and Overlay Projects

  Status Street From To
Patching Complete 86th Pkwy (EB only) Simms St 88th Ave
Patching Complete 86th Pkwy Alkire St  Simms St
Complete Kipling St 72nd Ave 80th Ave
Patching Complete Vance Dr 80th Ave Pomona Dr
Patching In Progress Everett Wy 84th Ave Garrison St
Patching In Progress Oak St 80th Ave 76th Dr
Patching In Progress Quail St 80th Ave 76th Dr
Patching In Progress 81st Pl Club Crest Dr Pomona Dr
Milling In Progress 68th Ave SH 121 (Wadsworth) Lamar St
Patching In Progress Garrison St Ridge Rd 51st Ave
Patching In Progress 64th Ave Independence St Oberon Rd
Not Yet Scheduled Holland Cir 64th Ave End of Cul-de-sac
Not Yet Scheduled 68th Ave Oak St Quail St
Patching Complete 84th Ave Sheridan Blvd Gray Ct
Not Yet Scheduled Beech St 72nd Ave 74th Dr
Patching Complete Alkire St 82nd Ave 86th Pkwy
Not Yet Scheduled 58th Ave Ward Rd Simms St
Patching In Progress Independence St 58th Ave Ridge Rd

Concrete Replacement Projects

  Status Street From To
Complete 68th Ave Salsbury St Lamar St
Complete 84th Ave Sheridan Blvd Gray Ct
Not Yet Scheduled Independence St 58th Ave Ridge Rd
Not Yet Scheduled 58th Ave Kipling St  Ward Rd
Not Yet Scheduled Balsam St 58th Ave Grandview Ave
Not Yet Scheduled Carr St 57th Ave Grandview Ave
Not Yet Scheduled 84th Ave Simms St Newcombe St
Not Yet Scheduled Newcombe St 84th Ave  86th Pkwy
Not Yet Scheduled 72nd Dr Beech St Devinney Ct
Not Yet Scheduled Devinney Ct 72nd Dr 74th Dr
Not Yet Scheduled 74th Dr Devinney Ct Alkire St
Not Yet Scheduled 62nd Ave Indpendence St Garrison St
Not Yet Scheduled Indpendence St Brooks Dr 66th Ave
Not Yet Scheduled Rensselaer Dr 64th Ave Independence St
In Progress 81st Dr Pomona Dr Everett St
Not Yet Scheduled 81st Ln Everett St Club Crest Dr
Complete Pomona Dr SH 121 (Wadsworth) Harlan Ct

Contact Information

If you have questions about any of the projects listed on this page, please call 720-898-7662 or submit an inquiry online at Information on City Construction Projects.