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A-Line Shuttle (Arvada to DIA)

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Ride Provide, operator of the A-Line Shuttle, discontinued service to DIA as of October 31, 2016.

Transportation from Arvada to DIA

For information on transportation from the Arvada area to DIA, visit the A-Line Shuttle website.

Statement from Shelley Cook of Ride Provide, operator of the A-Line airport shuttle:

Ride Provide has announced that it will cease operation after October 31, 2016. Please know this is the decision of the non-profit organization, not the City or RTD.

The A-Line Shuttle has been generously funded by RTD every year since 2003 (with considerable additional help in the beginning from the City of Arvada and Arvada agencies). That’s because RTD had discontinued its own airport service to this part of town. Our understanding from the start was that funding would be sustained no later than when RTD service was restored via the Gold Line.

We took a hard look at whether we might continue beyond that point, meaning without the subsidy (now at $15,000 per month), and concluded it would not be viable. Other costs skyrocket; for example, our airport access fees would go up ten- or even twenty-fold. And a substantial number of current riders would, we believe, migrate to the train. (Just consider, it will operate four times more often, go earlier and later, won't take much longer -- would actually beat us a fair amount coming back from DIA -- and is quite inexpensive at $9.00 all the way to DIA or $4.50 for seniors.) Given all of that, we wouldn't be able to cover what are actually very high fixed costs.

We came to terms with this about a year ago, in late 2015. We understood then and through most of this year that the Gold Line would be operational in fall of 2016. We planned all aspects of our operation around a mid-fall timeframe. We ceased acquisition of new vehicles so as to avoid new debt, for example. And we developed a strategy for maintaining full staffing, an absolute requirement for dependable scheduled service, until an approximate end date -- all while striving to be fair to the two dozen employees who rely in part or whole on this organization for their livelihoods.

Recently, we made the decision to go ahead and cease operation in the original timeframe, even though the Gold Line has yet to start up. Part has to do with finances, because our 2016 funding was predicated on ten months of operation and two months of close-down. But even beyond that, we determined that continuing safe and dependable operation would be jeopardized, both because of the age of our fleet and because our employees have relied on the timeframe we laid out and are finding new work. Finally, we know – because we’ve been scouting them and showing our passengers – that residents by and large have good options for the interim. These include the Flatiron Flyer, a premium bus service at 88th and Sheridan; the W Line at 14th and Wadsworth and other locations; and the B Line at 71st and Hooker.

Please know that residents can call us at 303-420-2589, even after October 31, and we'll gladly help them consider and connect to these other alternatives already in operation. Some are already described on our website. Meanwhile, our heartfelt thanks to the City and this community for its support and patronage these many years.

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