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G Line (Gold Line) Transit Corridor

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Safety Message! Concerns along the G Line commuter rail crossings: Denver Transit Partners, the contractor, have advised us that reports from the crossings attendants frequently show children from the local schools trying to go under the gate arms when they are down, in attempt to cross the tracks, despite all warnings. This is happening especially at Allison Street. PLEASE watch out for the children of our community and spread the word to be cautious around the G Line. Train testing will begin again soon.

The RTD G Line (Gold Line) 

Train testing on the G Line has ceased until the grade crossings on the University of Colorado A Line are resolved. Once testing resumes, G Line trains may be on the tracks for testing every day between the hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. During testing, train horns will be sounding and traffic delays can be expected. Find out who to contact and get more updates at G Line Updates →.

Opening Info

RTD has not yet provided the City of Arvada with firm dates for the opening of the G Line. Please check back often for updates.

Media Inquiries

Are you a member of the media? Contact City of Arvada Communication Director Maria VanderKolk 720-898-7507

G Line Quick Facts

  • The 11.2-mile electric commuter rail line will connect Denver’s Union Station to Wheat Ridge, serving northwest Denver, Adams County and Arvada.
  • Three of the eight G Line stations are in Arvada: Gold Strike, Olde Town and Arvada Ridge (for more information on each station, visit station pages).
  • The G Line will be scheduled daily from 4 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. During peak times, trains will run every 15 minutes. For information on G Line rail fares, schedules and connections, visit the RTD G Line website.


The G Line is part of RTD’s 2004 voter-approved FasTracks plan to expand transit across the Denver metro region  Read the 2016 RTD FasTracks Fact Sheet (PDF) and is part of a larger project called the Eagle P3 project which includes the East Corridor transit line to Denver International Airport. The G Line is an 11.2-mile electric commuter rail transit line that will connect Denver Union Station to Wheat Ridge, passing through northwest Denver, Adams County and Arvada. There are eight stations: Denver Union Station, 41st/Fox, Pecos, Federal, Gold Strike, Olde Town Arvada, Arvada Ridge and Ward Road.

Construction Contact

If you see a construction hazard after hours, please call 1-855-324-5373. For other contacts, please see Who to Contact on G Line Updates.

Fares & Schedules

For information on G Line rail fares, schedules and connections, visit the RTD G Line website.


Map of Gold (G) Line Stations in Arvada, Colorado. Copyright RTD.


Gold Strike Station

 Info: Gold Strike Station
 Address:  5880 Sheridan Frontage Rd
Parking: 330 Spaces
Travel Time to Union Station: 13 Minutes

Olde Town Hub

 Info: Olde Town Hub
 Address:  7510 Grandview Ave.
Parking: 600 Spaces
Travel Time to Union Station: 17 Minutes

Arvada Ridge Station

 Info: Arvada Ridge Station
 Address:  10189 W. 53rd Ave.
Parking: 200 Spaces
Travel Time to Union Station: 20 Minutes