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Updates on G Line Construction

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Safety Message! Concerns along the G Line commuter rail crossings: Denver Transit Partners, the contractor, have advised us that reports from the crossings attendants frequently show children from the local schools trying to go under the gate arms when they are down, in attempt to cross the tracks, despite all warnings. This is happening especially at Allison Street. PLEASE watch out for the children of our community and spread the word to be cautious around the G Line. Train testing will begin again soon.


Who to Contact

  • Train Horns: RTD 303-299-6000
  • Crossing Gate Malfunctions: 303-299-3911
  • After-hour Emergencies: 800-848-8715
  • Construction Related Updates:  G Line train on rails in Olde Town


Power lines along the G Line (Gold Line) are turned on. These wires hold 25,000 volts of electricity and can be extremely dangerous. RTD asks everyone to please stay away from the tracks and the wires, and never try to touch or throw anything at them. Trespassing in active work zones is illegal and can be dangerous.