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City of Westminster Utility Construction: Sheridan Blvd., 88th Ave

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Traffic Alert: The City of Westminster is coordinating a utility project which involves construction along Sheridan Blvd. between 88th Ave. and 80th Ave. and along 88th Ave. between Pierce and Harlan streets during the next several months.

Approximate Time Line/Location

Late January - June: Sheridan Boulevard and 88th Avenue (south to the railroad).
Late January 2017 - May 2018: Sheridan Boulevard water and sewer work, south of the railroad south to 80th Avenue.
May - July: 88th Avenue, between Pierce and Harlan streets.
July - November: East-west construction on 88th Avenue, between Harlan Street and U.S. 36.

City of Westminster Project Page

For complete project details, locations and time line please visit the City of Westminster's Sheridan Boulevard/88th Avenue Utility Work project page.


For more information, contact City of Westminster Senior Engineer Stephanie Bleiker, PE. At 303-658-2174 or

Project MapWestminster utility project map