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Equestrian Facilities

Arvada offers extensive opportunities for the equestrian community -- from dedicated horse-only trails located throughout the community, to a 50-acre equestrian center with riding areas free and open to the public and a new indoor equestrian center offering an all-weather, indoor riding arena, public hours of operation and an extensive equestrian education classes. Arvada is also home to the Horse Protection League, an equine rehabilitation center located at the City-owned Churches Ranch National Historic District in west Arvada.

Arvada Indoor Equestrian Arena

7650 Indiana Street
Arvada, CO 80007


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The Arvada Indoor Equestrian Center is City owned. The managers of the Equestrian Center are Mikiah and Harry Parker. They offer limited full care boarding, riding lessons, professional clinics and day camps. 

The Indiana Equestrian Center

7600 Indiana Street
Arvada, CO 80007
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The Center is a 50 acre outdoor area located adjacent to the Indoor Arena. It is City owned with riding areas free and open to the public.

Map of Arvada Indoor Equestrian Center and Indian Equestrian Center (SE of Indoor)


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