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Unique Park Concept Coming to Arvada

The City is working with a consultant to further develop concept drawings in response to feedback from the public open house and focus group meetings held in May and June, 2017. Stay tuned for additional input opportunities late summer / early fall 2017. 

Project Overview

The City of Arvada and Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) are working together to develop a new park  in the Arvada Ridge area which seeks to meet identified public park service gaps and support higher education curriculum at the RRCC Arvada Campus.  

One of the first of its kind in the nation, Arvada's newest park will focus on whole-body health and offer a variety of uses for all ages and abilities, provide interactive features, and improve community access to free health opportunities and solutions to chronic health issues. Residents, practitioners, faculty, students, artists, other stakeholders are invited to help shape the vision for this new park.

Project/Park Website

To learn more about the Park including upcoming events, Park Goals, Park Partners and more, visit the Park website.



Project Importance and Funding


This park as been elevated in priority by new and planned transportation (Gold Line and road network improvements) alongside new residential development. The park will help fulfill Arvada’s commitment of having a park within ½ mile or less of all households.   

The project is partially funded by residential development fees. Project partners are currently seeking additional funding through grants and sponsor support.  

Public Outreach

  • A public open house/informational presentation was held at Red Rocks Community College Arvada Campus on May 18.
  • Focus Groups were held June 20 at Arvada City Hall. Representation consisted of health practitioners, program providers, health & wellness advisers, technical oversight including equitable access, and representation from the community at large (either individuals or groups). 
  • Future meetings will be held with opportunities for citizen feedback. Check back soon.


Sarah Washburn, Senior Landscape Architect, City of Arvada Park & Urban Design Division: 720-898-7391


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