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Health-Based Park Concept

Please attend the upcoming Public Open House from 5pm - 7pm Tuesday, October 17 at Red Rocks Community College Arvada campus, 5430 Miller Street, to see the new designs up close, talk to the design team, offer your feedback, and learn what's next in the park planning process. 

Project Overview

The City of Arvada and Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) are working together to develop a new park  in the Arvada Ridge area which seeks to meet identified public park service gaps and support higher education curriculum at the RRCC Arvada Campus.  

One of the first of its kind in the nation, Arvada's newest park will focus on whole-body health and offer a variety of uses for all ages and abilities, provide interactive features, and improve community access to free health opportunities and solutions to chronic health issues. Residents, practitioners, faculty, students, artists, other stakeholders are invited to help shape the vision for this new park.

Project/Park Website

To learn more about the Park including upcoming events, Park Goals, Park Partners and more, visit the Park website.


Conceptual Plans

Concept plans developed in September 2017 as a result of earlier public open house, focus groups, and stakeholder feedback are found below.

Conceptual Plan A (Below): "Fitness Focused Plan"

  • The most simple, traditional style plan, with one entrance, a looped trail and gravel path
  • Fitness area and Holistic area are on opposite sides of the park to avoid conflict with active vs passive areas of the park
  • An incline/challenge course and three fitness stations is on the west
  • The central large shelter includes a labyrinth within the paving
  • A holistic area with reflexology path and small shelter is on the east
  • Plan includes two lawn areas for play, classes, etc.

image of conceptual plan a Conceptual Plan B (Below): "Holistic Focused / Feng Shui Plan"

  • The focus of concept B is the Holistic and experiential elements of the park
  • There are two entrances
  • An outdoor classroom is on the west hill
  • To the north, a small plaza, creative play area (no traditional play equipment) and terraced seating is included
  • The central area includes large labyrinth, reflexology path, garden area, clover lawn, and small shelter for yoga/tai chi classes
  • One large lawn is available for small group activities
  • Park shapes, colors and directional elements within hardscape reflect Feng Shui principles

image of conceptual plan b Conceptual Plan C (Below): "Holistic Garden Focused Plan"

  • Focuses on Holistic elements of the park, and has the largest plaza spaces
  • On the east, a large shelter, labyrinth, garden space, and interpretive elements complete a large plaza
  • A small shelter is connected to the large plaza by a reflexology path
  • A small clover is available for class use or play space
  • This option has a looped trail, with two entrances/exits to the park
  • Outdoor classroom takes advantage of existing topography, and becomes a stair challenge up the center of the park  
  • A gravel path surrounds the lawn area, creating a smaller loop
  • Vegetation around the east side of the park includes garden beds, native planting areas, and a variety of tree species

image of conceptual plan c

Project Importance and Funding

This park as been elevated in priority by new and planned transportation (Gold Line and road network improvements) alongside new residential development. The park will help fulfill Arvada’s commitment of having a park within ½ mile or less of all households.   

The project is partially funded by residential development fees. Project partners are currently seeking additional funding through grants and sponsor support.  

Public Outreach

  • A public open house/informational presentation was held at Red Rocks Community College Arvada Campus on May 18.
  • Focus Groups were held June 20 at Arvada City Hall. Representation consisted of health practitioners, program providers, health & wellness advisers, technical oversight including equitable access, and representation from the community at large (either individuals or groups). 
  • A Public Open House to exhibit new designs ("Conceptual Plans", above) and receive citizen feedback will be held at Red Rocks Community College Arvada Campus, 5430 Miller Street in the Welcome Center Lobby between 5pm-7pm on Tuesday October 17. Enter the north entrance of the new building. This informal open house will not include a presentation and welcomes participation throughout the 2-hour  timeframe. 


Sarah Washburn, Senior Landscape Architect, City of Arvada Park & Urban Design Division: 720-898-7391