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Park Loops and Neighborhood Routes Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Parks and Open Space

Park Loops (under 2 miles) North East North West South West South East Lake Arbor Park Loop: 1.16 miles Saddlebrook Park Lake Loop: 0.34 mi Allendale Park Loop: 0.25 miles. Four Acre Lake Park Loop: 0.35 miles Pomona Lake Loop:...

Online Map Applications Updated
Explore / Maps and More / Map Gallery

Online map applications are developed to allow address and intersecton searches or map navigaton in order to find property or other specific GIS layer information about areas in Arvada. If you are looking for maps in digital format check the Map Gallery for PDF versions...

Projects Overview Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Project Overview

Image for Projects Overview
2017 Arvada Projects The information below is updated regularly. If you need real-time project details, please see contact information below. Mill and Overlay Projects 86th Pkwy (EB only) Simms St 88th Ave   86th Pkwy...

Cone Zone: Impacting Your Drive Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Cone Zone: Impacting Your Drive

Image for Cone Zone:  Impacting Your Drive
The following road closures and lane reductions may impact your commute.   Street or Intersection Starting Ending More Info Sheridan and 88th Avenue February 2017 June 2017 City of Westminster Utility...

Olde Town Arvada Updated
Explore / Olde Town Arvada

Historic Olde Town Arvada, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is home to residential living and robust shopping and dining experiences! And in 2017, Olde Town will become one of three Arvada stops along  RTD's G Line commuter rail, part of the metropolitan FasTracks...

Road Maps and Tools Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Road Maps and Tools

Road Maps and Tools To find out about travel alerts, road conditions, and more, please explore the resources below.  Travel Alerts, Road Conditions, and More on Scheduled Lane Closures from Public Works Construction Projects Map...

Parking in Olde Town Updated
Explore / Olde Town Arvada / Parking in Olde Town

Image for Parking in Olde Town
Hub Parking The Olde Town Hub is located at 7510 Grand View Ave. There are two entrances to the Hub's parking garage; one on Vance Street and one on Olde Wadsworth Blvd. The Hub has a total of 600 parking spaces. There is a four-hour limit for public parking. How to enter...

City of Westminster Utility Construction: Sheridan Blvd., 88th Ave Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Cone Zone: Impacting Your Drive

Traffic Alert: The City of Westminster is coordinating a utility project which involves construction along Sheridan Blvd. between 88th Ave. and 80th Ave. and along 88th Ave. between Pierce and Harlan streets during the next several months. Approximate Time Line/Location Late January - June:...

15th Birthday Celebration Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Majestic View Nature Center

Image for 15th Birthday Celebration
Celebrating 15 Years! Why? Because we appreciate everyone who has been a part of Majestic View Nature Center during the last 15 years. Help us celebrate the Nature Center's 15th Birthday throughout 2017 with 15 special Grand Tour events! All Grand Tour events are FREE and designed for...

Indiana Street and 72nd Avenue Intersection Upgrade Project Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Cone Zone: Impacting Your Drive

The planned intersection upgrades will help improve the safety and functionality of the intersection. This project will include installing new traffic signals, adding through lanes and turn lanes for vehicles, and include on-street bike lanes.  West 72nd Avenue is a major east-west arterial...