Network Systems

The Network Systems division provides support and services to City departments in the areas of planning, design, engineering and administration of distributed computer systems.


Operating Systems - Provide support for the City of Arvada standard workstaion operating system. Including installation and configuration.

Server Administration - Manage the servers providing services to the end users. Including keeping servers up to date and backing up data.

LAN/WAN - Maintain all equipment that connects peripheral devices together. This includes hubs, switches, routers, wireless bridges, ATM, cable and fiber.

Help Desk - Where city employees contact us for support of systems provided by the Information Technology department.

E-Mail - Manage the electronic mail system by keeping databases consistent, viruses and spam out and making e-mail available via web access.

Replacement Fund - Manage the computer replacement fund financial aspects as well as adding new technology when necessary and feasible.

Wiring Infrastructure - Maintain wiring for the Network infrastructure including patch panels and cabling.

Computer Room Environment - Managing the computer room facility to ensure security, adequate power, cooling and space for equipment.

Web Access - Manage access to the Internet for both internal and external users to the City of Arvada web sites and the services provided by those sites.

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