Housing Preservation & Resources

The Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Division is located within the City's Community Development Department. It administers all operations of the Arvada Housing Authority.

We are also responsible for implementing the following City goals and objectives:

Arvada will be a community with broad quality housing choices relative to cost, design, maintenance and location to meet the needs of a demographically diverse population.  Where appropriate, Arvada will encourage pedestrian-oriented neo-traditional community design concepts and recognize the diverse nature of neighborhoods in the development process, especially with regards to development requirements


  • Encourage quality mixed-use development that combines residential, commercial and office uses and provides an appropriate dispersed mix of residential housing types at different affordability levels.
  • Strive to stabilize and improve Arvada?s existing housing stock, neighborhoods, and related infrastructure with special emphasis on code enforcement and outreach to property owners and tenants.
  • The City will develop and implement programs to assist low-to moderate-income home buyers.
  • Encourage residential housing options in the Olde Town Area and City of Arvada to insure long-term vitality and stability.

For more information on housing, please visit our Main Housing Page (see related links).

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