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 Financial Transparency Application

Welcome to the Financial Transparency Application. This provides a detail of all monies the City pays to vendors for services. We have "opened the books" of the City as much as legally possible.


  Launch City of Arvada Financial Transparency



Instructions on Use

The following instructions will allow you to review details regarding who the City pays for goods and services.

Click to the right on one of the Fund Categories.* This will take you to that area. For example, if you use the first one, Arvada Center, you will go to a new page that provides "transaction date, vendor name, amount and other description."

If you want to look at information for previous years, vendor, expenditure type or other search criteria, click on the "Back to Search Criteria" button at the top of the information list on this page. It looks like this:

Transparency app screenshot

The following screen will appear:

Transparency app screenshot

Here, the options are self-explanatory.

  • If you want to capture specific dates, enter the "start" and "end" dates.
  • If you want to search a vendor, you may type in any portion of a vendor name.
  • If you want all expenditures of the City, you need not define any additional criteria.
  • If you want a specific area, you may use the drop-down menus.


*Funds, location and Expenditure Type definitions: National guidelines determine how we must account and budget for monies. Each major operating and capital area has a "Fund." Then each Fund has different divisions or "locations" of expenditure. Divisions are smaller than departments. Further, a department usually has multiple divisions that permit management of budgets at different program levels.

Expenditure types refer to things like supplies, professional services and capital outlay. Provided in the drop-down box is a listing of all expenditure types; however, some are not accessible at this time. We encourage you to test the various types of information. There is a great deal of information in the system.

If you are not interested in the detail provided on this site, the Finance Department provides a variety of summary documents on the City’s financial and fiscal health.

The first overview on what was spent each year is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). This document gives information of the City’s financials after the books are closed each year. The CAFR information is audited by a third-party firm. The CAFR can be located here.

The next important document is the Annual Budget. Between July and August, the City Manager provides the City Council with a proposed spending plan for capital projects – the 10-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) - and a Proposed Budget for the next year, with a spending plan for the second year. The Council members then view and analyze the revenues and expenditures required for various service levels. Once they have agreement, they will adopt these two spending plans. Past Adopted Budgets can be located here.

The Finance Department also reports on the financial condition of the City on a quarterly basis. Recent quarterly financial reports can be found here.

We hope this information is useful for you. If you have any further questions or want to know more about the taxes or services provided, please let us know using ask arvada. We welcome feedback and ideas.