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Cable Companies

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If you are a TDS customer and you are having issues with the TDS digital transition, please visit the TDS website at or contact them at 855-696-8368.

The City is not directly responsible for cable television services. All cable providers are required to have a franchise agreement with the City in order to operate. The franchise agreements regulate the use of City Right-of-Ways and the cable companies' customer service standards. 

Getting Cable Service in Arvada

If you would like to set up cable service, have questions about your cable bill, or need to report a service issue, contact the cable company directly. 


Cable Provider Map

Residents who live west of Indiana St. Residents who live east of Indiana St.

TDS logo


Phone: 855-696-8368

Website: Visit

Phone: 303-930-2000

Website: Visit (Comcast/Xfinity)


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my cable company?

Cable companies in Arvada are:

Who determines my bill?

Your cable company determines your monthly rate.

Can I pay my cable bill at City Hall?

Cable bills cannot be paid at City of Arvada offices.