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Parking Tickets and Civil Citations

Parking Enforcement in Olde Town

Parking in Olde Town Arvada is managed by LAZ Parking. LAZ Parking uses license plate reader technology to track the length of stay of vehicles. Citations issued by LAZ may be paid or appealed on the LAZ website.

Parking tickets in Arvada may be issued for a civil citation (LAZ) or a traffic violation (APD)

  Civil Parking Citation Traffic Violation
What Happens Citation Issued Summons (Ticket) Issued
Issued By LAZ Parking Enforcement Arvada Police Department


LAZ Citation may be appealed online

In-person payments not accepted

Mail-in payments accepted; contact LAZ at 720-364-8587 for instructions.


In-person payment at
8101 Ralston Rd, Arvada 

Disputing an Appeal Decision If you appealed your Civil Citation through LAZ and wish to dispute the appeal decision, you may enter into an Administrative Review of the citation. There will be a $50 non-refundable fee for the Administrative Review. Download the PDF and follow the instructions on the form.  

Civil Citations

A civil citation results in a fine; the remedy does not require a court appearance. The process can be handled entirely online. Civil citations typically have a $25 fine + $3 administrative fee. After 10 days, an additional $25 late fee will apply.

Examples of civil citations include: 

  • Violating a timed parking limitation 
  • Stopping or standing in a restricted area
  • Parking on private property without permission

Traffic Violations (Parking Tickets)

municipal traffic citation is a violation of the Model Traffic Code and includes handicapped parking violations, fire zones parking violations, parking more than 12" inches from the curb and parking too close to a fire hydrant. These types of parking violations are considered traffic violations. Violators are issued a summons which goes through the court system. Failure to respond to a traffic violation can result in an arrest warrant being issued.