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  • Street Safety and Traffic Control - Speed limits, traffic signs, and traffic signals are important elements of both street safety and traffic control. Find answers to common questions, report issues, and more.
  • Traffic Control on My Street - Do you have questions about speed limits or stop signs? Or concerns about traffic in your neighborhood? Find out whether speed changes, signs, and more are options for your neighborhood.
  • Signs, Signals, and Street Safety - Curious about street signs and signals in Arvada? Find information about Turn Signals at Intersections, Flashing Left-Turn Yellow Arrows, Walkways and Crosswalks, Speed Humps, Speed Limits, Stop Signs, and Traffic Signals.
  • Traffic Signs - Traffic Signs Arvada's Traffic and Transportation operations section evaluates roadway features and operational safety when installing street signs and markings. The City of Arvada, like all othe
  • Drug Use - Meth - The Arvada Police Department is a member of the West Metro Drug Task Force, reducing drug use and trafficking in Jefferson County. It is comprised of investigators and supervisors from all of the law enforcement agencies in the First Judicial Distrc