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Storm Sewer Conditions

The following conditions are considered an emergency: 

  • Your street is flooded due to clogged storm drains   
  • A water pipe is broken and water is running out into the street
  • Paint, oil, swimming pool water, or other types of hazardous waste are being dumped or washed into the gutter or storm drain
  • A manhole cover is missing or not sitting correctly on the opening.
  • Tall foam* in the water that has a perfume smell and does not easily break apart.

If you know of a storm inlet that needs to be cleaned out, please:

  • submit a Service Request with an exact location OR
  • Call 720-898-7770 weekdays 7:00am and 3:30pm OR
  • Call 720-898-7820 all other times for the emergencies listed above.

Citizens are reminded that much flooding is caused by the dumping of leaves, grass clippings, and tree limbs into drainage ways.  To prevent flooding problems, please dispose of such items properly.

*Some foam or suds in the stream is natural, especially as snow-melt runoff occurs in the spring accumulating along shorelines and river banks, and in coves and eddies. Foam from silt or erosion is usually a dirty brown color and smells like fish or earth and is often seen in early morning and is usually gone by midday. In contrast, foam from detergent will have a noticeable perfume smell.

This information was brought to you by the Utilities Department.

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If you are experiencing a safety, medical, or other emergency, dial 911 on your phone. Do not submit a service request. For non-emergency public safety issues, call 720-898-6900.