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Internet Fraud

The Arvada Police Department investigates some Internet cases that allege criminal intent.  However, the Arvada Police Department will not investigate complaints that allege inferior quality, merchant issues or cases that do not meet theft statute requirements. The Arvada Police Department may investigate cases where a seller repeatedly fails to deliver the advertised item or repeatedly sells the same item to multiple parties.

The Internet poses various obstacles to law enforcement. Jurisdiction can be difficult to establish; a suspect can be difficult or impossible to identify; and the cost involved in investigating and prosecuting a case may be cost-prohibitive. The Arvada Police Department will screen each complaint on a case-by-case basis. The decision to prosecute is solely that of the District Attorney’s Office.

Internet purchases pose an inherent risk to consumers, i.e., you can’t see the actual condition or size of the item; flaws and blemishes may not be visible on a digital photo; and the item is usually non-refundable. Check with your credit card company before submitting your card number to determine if they assist the cardholder in resolving disputes with Internet and Internet auctions sites.

Remember: Buyer beware! Don't pay for anything unless you are absolutely sure you will get the item sent to you. Ask yourself this question.  If a stranger told you that they would sell you a $5,000 diamond ring for $500, and showed you a nice picture of the ring, would you give the person $500 and then say it was okay for the seller to give you the ring later?  Probably not!  That is exactly what you are doing when you make a purchase on the Internet. Know who you are dealing with before you purchase something on the Internet.

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