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Wildfire hazard

Be aware of fire risks and take responsibility for your use of fire.

If you are outside:
• Be careful with smokes and campfires - only build fires in rings or grates 
• Use self-contained cookers or chemical stoves
• Keep hot mufflers and catalytic converters clear of grasses and shrubs
• If you see smoke or a fire, call the county sheriff’s office first. They will notify the correct agencies
• Think about where you would go to flee from a fire, what you would take, how you would get out, and an alternate route out in case the one you're planning on is blocked

If you are caught in the open:
• The best temporary shelter is in a sparse fuel area
• On a steep mountainside, the back side is safer
• Avoid canyons, natural "chimneys" and saddles
• If a road is nearby, lie face down along the road cut or in the ditch on the uphill side
• Cover yourself with anything that will shield you from the fire's heat
• If hiking in the back country, seek a depression with sparse fuel. Clear fuel away from the area while the fire is approaching and then lie face down in the depression and cover yourself. Stay down until after the fire passes.

This information was brought to you by Public Safety.

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