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Colorado is ranked 9th in the country for number of tornadoes.  A tornado may be the most violent phenomenon found in nature. Winds can easily exceed 200 mph. Colorado residents can expect an average of forty tornadoes every year.  Most tornadoes occur between May and July. The major threat of tornado is in the afternoon or evening hours.  Tornadoes usually move from southwest to northeast. Tornado Safety Tips: when a Tornado Watch is announced, it means conditions are present for a tornado, keep a radio/TV tuned for further information, and gather emergency supplies. When a Tornado Warning is issued, it means a tornado has been sighted or is imminent.  Take shelter immediately. If you are at home: go to your basement, if you have no basement, go to an interior hallway or small interior room on the lowest floor, avoid windows, do not remain in a trailer or mobile home if a tornado is approaching, take cover elsewhere. If you are at work: go to an interior hallway on the lowest floor, or a designated shelter, avoid windows If you are at school: follow instructions of authorities/teachers, stay out of structures with wide free-span roofs like auditoriums and gyms. If you are in a car or outside: seek cover in a nearby building, or lie flat in a ditch or ravine.

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