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Lightning Hazards

In Colorado, lightning is the #1 life threatening weather hazard. Colorado ranks 11th for lightning deaths in the United States.

Lightning Safety Tips:

  • If you feel your hair stand on end, drop to the ground in a crouched position, hands on knees.  Do not lie flat on the ground.
  • Avoid being the highest object in any area.
  • Avoid hilltops, trees or telephone poles.
  • In a forest, move under a growth of small trees.
  • Stay away from water during a thunderstorm, as water conducts electricity.
  • Get off or away from open water and metal equipment (golf cars, tractors, bicycles).
  • Drop golf clubs and remove golf shoes.
  • Keep several yards away from other people-in open areas.
  • Go to a low place like a ravine or valley. -Stay indoors and away from windows during a storm.
  • Inside a home, avoid using the phone and unplug unnecessary appliances.
  • Watch for flash flooding.
  • Many people apparently "killed" by lightning can be revived if quick action is taken.
  • Learn mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR.  First aid given should be given to those not breathing within a few minutes.
  • If you're affected by a lightning strike, see a physician immediately.

This information was brought to you by Public Safety.

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Public Safety and Emergencies

If you are experiencing a safety, medical, or other emergency, dial 911 on your phone. Do not submit a service request. For non-emergency public safety issues, call dispatch 720-898-6900.