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Applying for Boards/Commission

The City of Arvada has several boards and commissions appointed by the City Council. Most require applicants to be an Arvada resident. Some are advisory boards and some are quasi-judicial, meaning decisions are made after applying adopted standards in existing law.

The boards include: 

  • Arvada Deferred Compensation Plan Board
  • Arvada Golf Advisory Committee
  • Executive Defined Contribution Plan
  • Arvada Festivals Commission
  • Arvada Liquor Licensing Authority
  • Arvada Park Advisory Commitee
  • Arvada Police Pension Board
  • Arvada Sustainability Advisory Committee
  • Arvada Urban Renewal Authority
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Building Code Advisory Board
  • City of Arvada Retirement Plan Board
  • Design Review Advisoy Committee
  • Gold Line Committee
  • Human Services Advisory Committee
  • Planning Commission
  • Transportation Advisory Committee


Each year a recruitment process takes place to fill vacancies on the various boards and commissions. Beginning in December of each year, notices are published. Applications are accepted until late January of each year and the interview process with the City Council takes place in March. The majority of appointments are then made by April 30 of each year. Citizens are encouraged to apply during this main recruitment process or throughout the year, as vacancies do occur periodically.

Application forms can be obtained from the City Clerk's office. You can call 720-898-7550 to request an application and accompanying questionnaire, or you can find the information and a brief description of each board on the city web site at

This information was brought to you by the City Clerk's Office.

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