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Communications Center
Your first point of contact with the Arvada Police Department is through the Communications Center. Whether you call 911 or the non-emergency line 720-898-6900, you will talk with a highly-trained dispatcher.

Dispatchers obtain critical information in just a few minutes on the phone with callers and relay the details to officers responding to the calls for service.

Some of the information that the dispatchers need are detailed and specific descriptions; whether it is of a suspect, or a vehicle, or a situation.   Dispatchers will ask if there are any weapons involved.  The more specific the information provided, the better officers will be able to assist those needing help.

Dispatchers staff seven state-of-the-art phone stations in the Communication Center, where they oversee all components of the police department's Patrol Bureau.

Communications Center personnel often answer more than 100,000 police, fire and medical calls for service each year. They also field hundreds of thousands of telephone requests for information and/or referrals.

When should I call 911?  

  • 911 should be utilized any time a citizen has an emergency situation that urgently requires police, fire or medical response. 
  • 911 should not be called for any crime that is not in progress, such as a burglary where the suspect is gone, or theft of hubcaps with no suspects.  The regular police non-emergency line should be used in these situations, leaving 911 lines open for urgent calls. 


 When should I dial the Arvada Police Department's non-emergency number?

  • Any situation requiring the action/response of an Arvada police officer; 
  • The crime is not in progress, and no suspect is around 
  • The filing of a crime report; or 
  • Information or questions related to criminal activity or assistance. 




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