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Criminal Investigations Bureau

The Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) of the Arvada Police Department is responsible for the investigation of:

  • Crimes that are particularly serious in nature (i.e., homicide, aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, burglary, robbery, etc.);
  • Cases involving extensive follow up (forgeries, thefts where the items were pawned);
  • Cases requiring specific expertise (Crimes Against Children); and,
  • Legislatively mandated functions (Domestic Violence, Sexual Offender and Parole registration).

Patrol officers in Arvada traditionally file cases that can be completed in an expedient manner. This philosophy serves two purposes. First, it allows our patrol officers to maintain a level of expertise in case investigation and follow-up. Second, it allows our CIB to focus on complicated cases that have a higher priority or an extended investigative commitment.

The decision to refer a case to CIB often depends on the individual circumstances such as a suspect being arrested during the commission of the crime, the degree of follow up before and after an arrest is made and the specific expertise that is needed for a successful prosecution. 

Today, the CIB at Arvada Police is made up of 23 Detectives, one Senior Liaison Officer, one Intelligence Officer and two Civilian Investigators.

Number of Detectives Assignment
Five (5) Crimes Against Children
Five (5)  Crimes Against Persons
One (1) Domestic Violence
Ten (10) General Assignment
One (1) Senior Liaison
One (1) Digital Evidence/General Assignment
One (1) Sex Offender
One (1) Patrol Detective

In addition, CIB oversees the Arvada Police Department’s participation in the West Metro Drug Task Force (WMDTF). Arvada has four detectives and one Sergeant whose sole responsibility is identifying and investigating drug trafficking organizations that import and distribute illegal substances in our community. 

Several members of the Criminal Investigations Bureau are trained and certified in administering polygraphs while another detective is considered an expert in the field of investigating crimes involving computers. All investigators take pride in continuing in-service training and maintaining top skills in their fields.