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Community Development


The mission of the Community Development Department is to provide land use planning, affordable and quality housing, neighborhood engagement, and property code compliance services to the City and Community of Arvada so they can live and work in a well-planned, safe, and vibrant city for current and future generations.


The purpose of the Arvada Community Development Department is to sustain a planned and balanced community that provides affordable housing while preserving existing neighborhoods and the related housing stock; to enhance the image of the community; to provide quality jobs for citizens; to generate additional revenue and insure the economic health and financial stability for the City of Arvada; to coordinate development activities to conform with city policies and regulations.

The Department strives to work collaboratively with the community to guide growth and revitalization and provide specialized services

  • To guide the social, economic and physical development of Arvada.
  • Provide quality working, living and recreational environments.
  • Promote diverse housing and employment opportunities.

Contact Information

  •  Main Telephone Number:
  •  Street Address:
    8101 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO 80002


Contact Information


Rita McConnell


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Community Development


Director of Community Development

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