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Air Quality & Wood Burning Restrictions

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Arvada Limits Smoke Emissions to 20% Opacity

Arvada limits indoor wood burning devices’ smoke emissions to 20% or less, except during start up and shut down. Call 720-898-7640 to report violations of this opacity limit.

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Colorado Wood Burning Restrictions

When are Restrictions in Place?

Wood burning is restricted on Action Days (high pollution days). as determined by the State of Colorado.  Only residents with an EPA or State certified wood burning stove can burn on an Action Day.

Are Restrictions in Place Today?

Between November 1 and March 31, call the State Air Quality Hotlines at 303-758-4848 or 303-782-0211 after 4 p.m. to find out if it is an Action Day.

Do I Have an EPA or State Certified Wood Stove or Insert?

Go to or call the City at 720-898-7811 to verify you have an EPA Certified Stove. All new wood stoves and inserts sold today in Colorado are EPA or State certified units.

I Want to Report Someone Burning Wood

Call the City at 720-898-7640 to report someone who is burning on an Action Day or who exceeds the 20% opacity limit.

Air Quality Information

For more information on air quality, go to the State Air Quality website at

Outdoor Wood Burning Information

For information on Outdoor Wood Burning, contact the Arvada Fire Protection District during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 303-424-3012.