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Reno Park Addition Historic District Proposed Design Guidelines

Public Meetings

Over the last two years, the City conducted community meetings and surveys to solicit input from the community to develop design guidelines that will help maintain the character of the neighborhood; in addition workshops with City Council were conducted for further direction.  One of the key issues identified through this process was how these guidelines would be implemented. The input we have received indicates that community is divided on the best implementation method. While a portion of the community would like the design guidelines to be mandatory, another portion of the community feels that they are more appropriately used as a tool to inform the community for their consideration.  In light of these differing opinions, the City is proposing to adopt priority guidelines which would be mandatory, while utilized the remaining guidelines as advisory.  The priority guidelines address topics that were identified by the community as essential such as mass, scale, placement, roof pitch and porch characteristics.

The priority guidelines have been incorporated into the final Design Guideline document and will be presented to City Council on November 20th for final consideration.

To access City Council packets and other materials, please see Documents Provided to Council and other resources to your right.


Cheryl Drake, Community Development Department, or 720-898-7436.