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Adopted Building Code

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Current Adopted Building Code:

 2009 International Building Code  2009 International Residential Code
 2009 International Fuel Gas Code  2009 International Mechanical Code
 2009 International Plumbing Code  2009 International Property Maint. Code
 2009 International Energy Code  2009 International Fire Code
 2009 Existing Building Code  2014 National Electrical Code

Design Criteria

Wind Speeds:

City limits: 105 mph, west of Highway 93 call for information.

Exposure C (Engineer can request Exposure B, if satisfactory information is provided)

30 lbs ground snow load

All roofing products are required to meet the test ASTM 3161 Class F. ASTM 3161 Class F is not associated with the warranty from the shingle manufacturer-three tabs do meet this test as well as laminate or dimensional shingles.