Sales Tax

Welcome to the City of Arvada Sales Tax and Audit Division.Our main purpose is to collect and account for sales and use tax, enforce the regulations contained in Chapter 98 of the Arvada City Code, and to answer questions regarding the city sales and use tax regulations.

Key initiatives supported:

  • Collection of sales/use tax - provide returns to businesses, process filings and remittance.
  • Licensing new businesses - send out and process licenses for businesses that have nexus within the City of Arvada. Applying for a business license can be done online or in hardcopy.
  • Update business information for commercial or out of city businesses and home businesses
  • Conduct audits - the division has an active audit program with three full time field auditors.
  • Conduct new business reviews - an educational opportunity between the taxpayer and the City to identify any potential issues and provide one-on-one tax information.
  • Provide information - answers questions from taxpayers via mail, phone or in person.
  • Provide information for the sales and use tax portion of the City of Arvada municipal code
  • Collect delinquent taxes - contact delinquent accounts and work with them to bring the accounts into compliance.

Authorization to Convert Your Check to an Electronic Funds Transfer Debit -  By sending your check to us, you authorize the City or Arvada to convert the check into an electronic funds transfer.  Please be aware that your bank account may be debited as soon as the same day we receive your payment. 

The 2012 Resident Rebate has closed. The 2013 rebate program will begin May 1, 2014.

The City of Arvada will offer a rebate for qualifying Arvada citizens from May through October. There are four categories that are eligible for the rebate, as well as specific income limitations:

  1. Senior Citizen: Age 65 by December 31 of previous year;
  2. Single Person: Between the age of 55 and 65 by December 31 of previous year;
  3. Disabled Person;
  4. Head of Household.

The income limits are set yearly by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the metro Denver area. Prior applicants will have applications mailed to their homes. Note that new applicants must fill out an affidavit of lawful presence for each person over 18 in the household along with a valid photo ID. Rebates cannot be processed until we receive the completed application, affidavit/ID/proof of residency (if necessary), and all income documents. For more information, please call the rebate hotline at 720-898-7114.

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