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Logging in as a Contractor

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At Contractors are requested to log into the system using their Arvada license number (starts with AEC). The steps below will show you how to successfully log into the system with your contractor license.


Step 1: Sign in

Once at the homepage for, at the top of your screen find the text box next to "Arvada Contractor". Enter in your Arvada license number.

First step in the process to sign in as an Arvada contractor at

















Step 2: Enter License number and password

Enter in your Arvada license number in the text box that says user name. Enter in your password. If you are new to the system you will have a temporary password that was provided to you at the time of your license issuance. Click "LOGIN".

Note: If you are logging in for your first time or it has been 90 days since you last password change you maybe prompted to update your password. Create a new password using a combination of letters and numbers.adding you password to log in as a contractor at







Step 3: Dashboard View

Once you are logged into the system you will see your dashboard. All permits and projects that are linked to you Arvada license number will show here. From the dashboard you can schedule inspection, pay fees and re-print permits. All review notes and inspection results can be viewed by clicking on the blue permit/project number.  For more information on reviewing information see Monitoring Permit and Project Application Process

View of the dashboard after a successful login on