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Food Truck Vending

The City of Arvada has defined Food Truck Vending as a readily movable wheeled, motorized vehicle designed and equipped to serve food or a wheeled, non-motorized structure designed and equipped to serve food, and towed by a motorized vehicle. This definition shall not apply to uses which operate for less than 15 consecutive minutes at any specific site.

No person may engage in activities of food truck vending without first obtaining a temporary use permit issued by the Community Development Director. This includes food truck vending associated with a City approved special event.

Before you Apply

Please review the City’s regulations regarding food truck vending located in Section 5.4.2.C of the Land Development Code. This section provides a detailed account of the requirements and limitations for food truck vending within City limits. Should you have any questions please contact the Planning Department at 720.898.7435.  

Determine the zoning district of the property where the proposed food truck vending will occur. If within City park, public space or public right-of-way please obtain the appropriate liability insurance required within Section 5.4.2.C.5.ii of the Land Development Code.     

Required Documents

  • A completed Food Truck Vending Permit is required.
  • A site plan illustrating the property to be used and proposed location of mobile vending truck.
  • Written permission from a property owner/operator. If vending is proposed within a City park, public space or public right-of-way written permission from the applicable City department is required.
  • Proposed Trash Disposal Plan.
  • A copy of Health Department Certification.
  • Copy of liability insurance (if within City park, public space or public right-of-way).

Once a Food Truck Vending permit has been submitted please complete an application for a Business License through the Revenue Division.

Required Review

In conducting required reviews the appropriate department will distribute the application and other submittals to City departments and other agencies for the purpose of soliciting comments and ensuring that the proposal complies with all applicable standards and requirements. Once reviews are complete the appropriate department will determine if an application can be approved. Please allow for approximately three days to complete this review.


  • $50.00 annual permit fee*

* Special Event Vendors are Exempt




Business License Information