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New Commercial, Tenant Finish & Multi-Family

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Before you apply:

Contact the planning and building departments to inquire about any preliminary design questions that you may have. Projects in the Historic Olde Town District may also need special reviews by the Planning Division.

Required Documents:

  • Completed Permit Application

Two Copies of each of the following documents (where applicable):

  • Site Plan with Setbacks Noted (lot coverage calculation may be required)
  • Civil, Landscaping and Grading Plans
  • Architectural Plans, Stamped and Signed*
  • Project Specifications
  • Structural Plans, Stamped and Signed*
  • Structural Calculations, Stamped and Signed*
  • Statement of Special Inspections as required by IBC 1704
  • Soils Report*
  • Electrical Plans, Stamped and Signed*
  • Mechanical Plans, Stamped and Signed*
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Fire Protection Plans, Stamped and Signed*
  • Asbestos (State) forms (for remodels, demos, and additions)
  • COMCheck reports for:
    • Building Envelope
    • Mechanical System
    • Electrical Lighting

Permit application must include the total project valuation with a breakout of separate valuations for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work.  Plans must include a building code summary including assumptions made with regard to proposed occupancy classification(s), proposed square footage, building area limitations, construction type, exiting, occupant load, wind speed design, snow load, frost depth, and any other pertinent design information.  Separate reviews and submittals are required by the Fire District.  Facilities which include food preparation/serving may need review and approval from the Public Health Department.

*By a professional licensed in the State of Colorado (engineer or architect)