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Business Licensing 

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All retail, commercial, home-based and service-based business located within the City of Arvada are required to have a business license. Any other business that regularly sells, leases, rents, delivers or installs tangible personal property within the city limits is also required to have a business license. Zoning must approve all in-city businesses and the Building Department must review all in-city commercial businesses. 

All non-retail businesses are responsible for any use tax liability on furniture, fixtures, supplies and equipment used, stored, leased, rented or consumed in the business on which no local sales tax of at least 3.46% was collected. 

The City of Arvada is a home ruled city, which means we collect our own taxes. The State of Colorado collects State, County and RTD tax. The city tax rate is 3.46% 

Transient merchants and food truck vendors must apply for a permit. Once approved and fees are paid, a business license will be issued. Special events are licensed at the event level, so individual participants are not required to have their own business license to participate.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Revenue Division at 720-898-7100.