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Building Contractor

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The City of Arvada requires licensing for all contractors involved in the construction, alteration, remodeling, repairing and equipping of buildings and structures. Homeowners doing work on their personal private residence in which they are the owner and occupy the structure are not considered contractors and are not required to obtain a contractor license.  Homeowners doing work on residences that they own but do not occupy need to be licensed and/or hire a licensed contractor. Contractor Licenses are good for one year after license has been issued, you will need to re-apply every year.

How to Apply:

Complete the application and submit to the Building Inspection Division Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Applications can  be submitted via e-mail, by fax 720-898-7603 or by mail 8101 Ralston Rd Arvada, CO 80001.

Documents required:

1. Completed Application

2. Proof of Qualification

3. Affidavit

Types of Qualifications:

  • Passing test from ICC
  • License from Colorado jurisdiction where you have tested
  • State of Colorado Master's Plumbing or Electrical


License Type Fee:
Unlimited $200
Limited $150
Builder's Residential C $75
Roofing $75
Plumbing $75
Electrical $0
Subcontractor (fences, lawn sprinkler ect.) $75


Issued Licenses:

Licenses will be sent to the email indicated on your license application or through mail.