Commercial Permit Information

New Commercial Plan Submittal

(Use for multi-family residential & commercial additions also)

1. Fill out a New Commercial Building Permit Application ;

2. Submit three sets of the following (need only 2 stamped sets);

  • Site Plans
  • Development Plan
  • Subdivision Plat
  • Plans
  • Grading Plans
  • Landscape Plans
  • Architectural Plans (stamped by Col. Arch.)
  • Project Specifications (stamped by Col. P.E)
  • Structural Plans (stamped by Col. P.E.)
  • Electrical Plans (stamped by Col. P.E.)
  • Mechanical Plans (stamped by Col. P.E.)

3. Submit two copies of the following;

  • Soils report, (stamped by soils engineer)
  • Heat loss calculations for building envelope 
  • Structural calculations (stamped by Col. structural engineer)
  • Statement of special inspections required by the 2009 IBC
  • Project Specifications (stamped by Col. P.E)
  • IECC(Comcheck analysis)for electrical, mechanical and Building envelope.

4. On the cover sheet, include your building code summary and your assumptions made with regard to building area limitations, construction type, exiting, occupant load, wind speed design, snow load, frost depth and other pertinent information.

5. Submit water service calculations based on expected fixture loading and plumbing code methods.

6. Depending on the scope of the project, additional on/off-site civil, drainage, utility, road, traffic studies and/or drawings and construction plans may be required.

7. Pay plan review fees at the time of submittal (see fee section of this guide for details).

8. State approval(for asbestos) required before any Demolition may begin.

9.  Fire sprinkler and fire alarm plans are separate permits.

10. Fences, retaining walls(30 inches or taller), elevators and signs require separate permits.

Note: If necessary, for special conditions, additional information may be required for review.

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