Learn more about sales tax and licensing information

Yes, the City of Arvada does require that you obtain a business license. All retail businesses physically located within Arvada must collect and remit taxes on sales made either monthly or quarterly. The filing status is determined by the dollar amount of tax collected. All non-retail service businesses must report and file a use tax return for the potential use tax liability on furniture, fixtures, supplies and equipment used, stored, leased, rented or consumed in the business on which no local sales tax of at least 3.46% was collected.

Businesses not located in Arvada that come into the City of Arvada to make retail sales must also obtain a business license. These businesses will also file a tax return for the sales made into the city.

The City of Arvada's business licenses do not expire and there is no cost to apply. Contact the Sales Tax Department at 720-898-7100 for further information. You may apply online or download an application from this web site under Related Links. Be sure that all parts of the application are complete prior to submittal.

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