Trails in Arvada are typically found along major creeks and roads. The creek trails are considered recreational and include: (from south to north) the Clear Creek Trail in the southeast corner of Arvada near 56th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard, the Ralston Creek Trail that connects to the Clear Creek Trail and extends west to S.H. 93., the Van Bibber Creek Trail east and west of Ward Road at 56th Drive, the Leyden Creek Trail that starts at Quaker Street south of the Town of Leyden and extends west more than a mile, and the Little Dry Creek Trail that runs from Chase Drive west to Indiana Street.

Ralston Creek Trail

The Ralston Creek Trail is the most complete Arvada trail running upstream from the Clear Creek Trail over the mast bridge near I-70 and Sheridan west through Gold Strike Park, Creekside Park, Memorial Park, Hoskinson Park, North Jeffco Park, Ralston Cove Park, Arvada Tennis Center, Oak Park, Davis Lane Park, Danny Kendricks Parks, O'Kane Park, Ralston Valley Park, Maple Valley Park, West Woods Golf Course, to and around Tucker Lake Park and the Arvada Reservoir. Along this route, trail users are introduced to a wide cross-section of Arvada from its historic beginnings in Gold Strike Park at the east end and newer developments around the West Woods Golf Course at the west. Along the way, trail users will meet bikers, hikers, joggers, walkers, roller-bladers, skate boarders and strollers of all ages. West of Eldridge Street, this trail includes a separate soft surface trail for equestrian riders, joggers and mountain bikers. Since the trails somewhat parallel Ralston Creek, the grade does not exceed ADA standards, even at the hilly west end around the Arvada Reservoir. If you enjoy recreational trails that take you through natural streamside habitat, past irrigation ponds, through open space parks, near playgrounds, tennis and play fields in a continuum of trees and past a wide variety of activities, you will enjoy the Ralston Creek Trail experience.

Little Dry Creek Trail

The Little Dry Creek trail is Arvada's second-most continuous trail, running upstream from the Sheridan Boulevard area west past Thomson Elementary School, through Little Dry Creek Park, on-street around the commercial area at 80th and Wadsworth Boulevard, past Meadowglen Park, Woodrun Park, MacArthur Park, Lakecrest Park, on-street, then through Michael Northey Park, then through Excel Academy then west to Indiana Street. This route is dependent on some on-street connections between the off-street trail sections.

Van Bibber Creek Trail

The Van Bibber Creek Trail is primarily three lengthy portions of trail. Currently, the Van Bibber Creek Trail starts south of 58th Avenue on Oak Street and travels through the Stenger Sports Complex and Skyline Estates Park to Ward Road. From Ward Road the trail extends west through Van Bibber Open Space Park to Indiana Street. From Indiana Street to Quaker Street, the trail does not exist, except in small pieces (in Meadowbrook Village Park.) From the Church Ditch and Quaker Street, the trail follows 60th Avenue (north edge) past Easley Road back to Van Bibber Creek, which it follows west past the historic Churches Ranch, through Long Lake Ranch Regional Park to Apple Meadows Park.

Leyden Creek Trail

The Leyden Creek Trail starts in the Leyden Canyon at Quaker Street, though this trail is entirely unpaved, pasture grasses. At Quaker Street the trail follows an old irrigation ditch west around the Town of Leyden then west upstream past the historic Leyden Coal Mine to a parking/trail head location.

Rainbow Trail

The Rainbow Trail starts at 81st Place and Yarrow Street in Rainbow Three Park, then runs west through Rainbow Two Park and passing Weber Elementary School headed to the Arvada Volunteer Firefighters Park at 84th and Garrison Street. This trail is primarily a paved neighborhood trail.

Fairmount Trail

The Fairmount Trail is a Jefferson County Open Space trail that follows a Denver Water Board irrigation canal, starting near the Arvada Reservoir east of S.H. 93 on the south edge of 64th Avenue. From there, the trail follows the canal through the city's Long Lake Ranch Regional Park past the historic Churches Ranch, then south along the canal to Easley Road. This trail is entirely soft surface for equestrian, joggers and mountain bikers.

Happy trails!

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