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Two Longtime Arvada Police Officers Retire

Two great officers departed the Arvada Police Department in April, commanders Debra Arp and Ray Booras. Arp (with nearly 30 years of service with the department) and Booras (with more than 20 years of service with the department) worked in nearly every unit and bureau within the organization and are two of the most respected officers in the history of the Arvada Police Department.

Arp was the first female officer promoted to sergeant at the Arvada Police Department, as well as the first female officer promoted to commander. For many years, Arp was one of the highest ranking female officers in Jefferson County. She entered the profession when it was still dominated by men, but her professionalism, excellence and dedication ensured that her gender never mattered. Arp has been a role model and mentor for many women entering the field of police work.

Booras is an extremely dedicated officer who always loved being part of the action. Although meetings and desks were not his favorite part of the job, Booras was able to stay calm and assess situations in order to see the big picture. There were several times in his career when officers changed shifts so they could work for Booras. Booras also worked as part of the West Metro Drug Task Force and helped build the reputation of that organization as well.

"Both Arp and Booras epitomize what it is to be an exceptional police officer. These two Commanders are truly heroes and will be greatly missed," said Chief Don Wick.