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'Think of Me' Pilot Program to Encourage Compliance With Designated Handicap Parking Spaces

  • Published
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  • by City Manager

The City of Arvada is partnering with the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing on a unique pilot program which aims to reduce the number of vehicles parking in handicap spaces without the appropriate designations.

The “Think of Me” program places signage with photos of area residents just under the handicap signs. The idea is that the drivers will think of the people on the signs before parking in this spot if they do not have the appropriate placard. The signs, during this pilot phase, will be placed at the Arvada Costco and the King Sooper located at 58th Avenue and Ralston Road. In 2014, there were 177 Handicap Parking tickets issued in the City of Arvada, including 25 at Costco and 2 at the King Soopers location.