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Skeeter Gets New “Leash” on Life, New Home

A Story of Survival

For more than a year, Skeeter has been roaming the streets of Arvada. He ate out of trashcans, slept in bushes and avoided numerous attempts by animal management officers to bring Skeeter to safety when he’s been spotted in the community.

“This young dog has touched all of our hearts,” said Kara Pardikes of the Arvada Police Department’s Animal Management Unit. “His story of survival is amazing, and we’re all hoping the right person will give this sweet dog the happy ending he deserves.”

Looking to the Future

A generous Arvada woman opened her heart and her home to Skeeter.  The resident contacted Animal Management Officer Kara Pardikes to express her interest in the 2-year-old yellow lab mix.

After a site visit and reference review by members of the Arvada Animal Management Unit, Skeeter was ushered into his new home on Wednesday, February 4, 2009.

"I'm so pleased Skeeter has found a new home," said Officer Pardikes.  "He was placed on Wednesday afternoon into what promises to be the life he deserves."

Skeeter's new mom reported this cute canine is already adjusting to his new life.  He has many new toys, bones, and friends, and has become quite fond of sleeping on his new family's bed.

Other cats and dogs

Although Skeeter has found a new home, there are many dogs and cats in need of adoption.  Contact the Table Mountain Animal Center, 303-278-7575, or visit and open your world to the love a pet can offer.

Many Thanks for those who also helped Skeeter

  • Care Animal Hospital at 8044 Kipling St (303-421-8200) donated vaccinations (such as rabies, distemper, etc.) as well as blood work and a behavior assessment (which he passed with flying colors!) to help care for Skeeter as he gets socialized and ready for a new home.
  • An agent from Table Mountain Animal Center visited and evaluated Skeeter’s behavior (he passed this as well!) and walked him to introduce him to other dogs.
  • Arvada employees have donated bedding, collars, treats, toys, other items and most importantly, time.