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Residents Warned of Recent Increase in Break-ins


Residents are being advised that recent car break-ins at area dog parks, daycares and the YMCA may be the work of the ‘Felony Lane Gang’ and they should not leave their purses and other valuables in the car. 


This band of thieves break into cars and steal checks and photo IDs to use in passing bad checks at banks for cash. Their moniker, the ‘Felony Lane Gang’ comes from the way they cash the checks – using the outer most drive-through lane at banks to make themselves harder to see. And, while one member is cashing the check, another team member will often be in another lane creating a disturbance to distract the tellers.


“These thefts are commited by a large group of individuals, all working together and using stolen identities to cash the bad checks,” said Detective Jeff Johnson of the Arvada Police Department. “They have even been known to wear wigs and sunglasses to disguise themselves as their victims.”


Because they are transient thieves, traveling throughout the United States, it is difficult to identify and apprehend them. Recent arrests have been made in Connecticut, Alabama and Nebraska.


“We want our residents to feel safe and part of that is being aware of the types of crimes being committed,” Johnson said. “Residents should be vigilant about removing valuables from their vehicles.”