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Club Crest Pedestrian Bridges Update

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Because there are many trail users and many Warder Elementary students who use the Farmers High Line Canal bridge, our Engineering staff has created a map depicting alternative routes. Please view or download the map below.


There are five pedestrian bridges located in the greater Club Crest neighborhood that are either in need of replacement or extensive maintenance. The bridges were installed 45 years ago by the developer, and they span private property, public property and ditch company property. Owing to regular maintenance and diligent upkeep, the bridges have fared well; however, after 45 years, there are some structural issues with the bridge abutments that secure them to the ditch/canal banks. The timing for the replacement projects is tricky because the bridges cross over canals/ditches that must be dry during the construction period. Therefore, the construction is estimated to be completed sometime in late 2018. We will update the timetable as available information allows.

bridge connex CC

What is the scope of the project? 

Five pedestrian bridges built over three canals/ditches include:

  • Three over Church Ditch (need replacement; a bridge pedestrian bridge from Ralston Central Park will be re-purposed for one of the Church Ditch bridges)
  • One over the Croke Canal (needs maintenance)
  • One over the Farmers High Line Canal (needs replacement)

October 2017: Farmers High Line Canal Bridge Closed

The Farmers High Line Canal Pedestrian Bridge connecting North Club Crest Park to 76th Ave. and Flower St. is closed. The bridge is expected to be closed until 2018. For alternative routes, please see the map below or explore a pedestrian mapping tool such a Google Maps.





Suggested Alternate Route

Farmers High Line Canal (Download PDF)detour