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Parking Enforcement Comes to Arvada

With the Gold Line opening in three years, the City of Arvada is laying the groundwork to bring time-limited parking enforcement into Olde Town Arvada. Olde Town is a wonderful shopping experience, and parking there will continue to be free. The objective of the time-limited parking enforcement is to manage on-street parking resources and better utilize off-street parking supply to support a vibrant, walkable and economically sound Olde Town.

With two part-time police service technicians to oversee the enforcement and act as ambassadors in Olde Town and throughout the City, we will phase in the parking enforcement program with an education period which includes education, warnings and eventually citations. January 1, 2014, is the targeted date for active enforcement. 

What are the new ordinances? New ordinances include:

  • Time limitations on parking involve situations where a sign limits parking to a particular time frame, such as “two-hour parking.”
  • Restrictions on parking involving cases where a sign allows parking, but only for a particular purpose, such as “loading or unloading.”
  • Prohibitions involving circumstances where signs forbid parking such as “tow away zone” or no overnight parking.”

Violators of the new parking ordinances will receive a civil citation.


What is the difference between
a civil citation and a traffic violation?

A civil citation results in a fine; the remedy will be civil and will not require a court appearance. A dispute of a citation would be civil in nature and would be handled by a hearing officer appointed by the City Manager. The process can be handled entirely online.

A parking ticket that is considered a traffic violation includes handicapped parking violations, permit parking violations around schools and parks, and fire zones parking violations. These types of parking violations are considered traffic violations, and violators are issued a summons, which goes through the court system. Failure to respond to a traffic violation can result in an arrest warrant being issued.




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