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Officer Dave Curtice Named Officer of the Year

Officer Dave Curtice of the Arvada Police Department was named Officer of the Year by the Lake Arbor Optimist Club for 2008.

As a member of the Community Response Impact Team, Officer Curtice focuses his efforts on addressing some of the larger crime issues impacting the community as a whole. He then relays crime information to patrol officers to maximize the department’s efforts in addressing crime.

Officer Curtice frequently meets with the owners/management companies of apartment communities throughout Arvada to address on-going crime issues impacting residents of these high-density living areas.

You can oftentimes see Officer Curtice participating in community events such as National Night Out, Kit Flying Fling and Safety Day at Home Depot to name a few.

“Officer Curtice is dedicated to his role as a member of the Community Response Impact Team, and is always looking for opportunities to improve the team’s effort and himself as an officer,” said Commander Gary Hutchcraft of the Arvada Police Department. “Officer Curtice has gained a great deal of respect from his peers throughout the department and supervisors alike. His work ethic is second to none.”

Officer Curtice has been with the Arvada Police Department since 2003.