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In Memory of Jessica Ridgeway

In Memory of

Jessica Ridgeway

2002 –2012


In memory of Jessica Ridgeway, the City of Arvada is encouraging all parents and caregivers to practice Safe Routes to School.  The Safe Routes to School Program is to make the routes to school safer for children to walk and bicycle. In the context of 'stranger danger' and sex offenders, potential solutions for creating safer routes include having parents, guardians or responsible adults walk or bicycle with their children to school; working closely with local law enforcement officials; engaging community members to keep "eyes on the street"; and equipping children with the personal safety skills to minimize risks.


Parents are encouraged to walk with their children to school. This is a great way for families to spend time together and get physical activity at the same time. While this is ideal, it's not always possible. Older children and younger children walking together in groups can also provide a level of protection. Sometimes parents or adult volunteers take turns walking groups of children from their neighborhood, this is more formally called a Walking School Bus.


It’s always a good policy to use these safety ideas for not only when walking to school but to any destination away from home, at anytime of the day.

A website has been set up for tips regarding this case and also to help the family with expenses.  It is