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“Felony Lane Gang” Suspected in Daycare Theft from Cars

In December and January, 2012, four daycare providers in western Arvada were victims of smash and grabs from customer cars.

Suspects watched mothers drop off kids at daycare centers and when mothers were briefly inside, the crooks smashed out the car window to steal purses left inside. Forged checks from these thefts were later used at drive-thru lanes at banking centers in Arizona and Utah – thus the name “Lane Gang”.

A small group of criminals started this crime pattern in Florida years ago and it has spread nationally. Crooks recruit local women addicted to drugs to rent cars, wear disguises and drive the get-a-way car from identified attractive targets. Targets are locations where people will leave purses and identification in cars such as trailheads, gyms and daycare centers. 

Det. Jeff Johnson investigating the car break-ins stated, “I was surprised to learn this crime ring was happening in western Arvada at our daycare centers. The best way to stop this crime is to prevent it. The best ammunition we have against these crooks is letting our citizens know about this so they can report suspicious activity and be a tough target of this crime.”

Here are some tips to prevent this crime:

  • Do not leave purses or other valuables in your car – not even for a minute!
  • Lock your car.
  • Never leave your car idling and unattended.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and call regarding suspicious cars, persons and activity at 720-898-6900 or call 911 for an emergency.
  • To get up-to-date crime information join the police department’s Facebook or Twitter accounts at

Crime Pattern

Case Report



7:03 AM

Vehicle Trespass west Arvada CHILDCARE CENTER: broken driver's window; purse stolen from front passenger seat;
2011017761 12/16/2011

6:45 AM

Vehicle Trespass West Arvada CHILDCARE CENTER:  unlocked; purse stolen
2012001070 01/23/2012

7:11 AM

Vehicle Trespass northwest Arvada CHILDCARE CENTER: broken driver’s window, purse stolen from passenger floorboard
2012001071 01/23/2012

7:42 AM

Vehicle Trespass West Arvada CHILDCARE CENTER: broken driver’s window, purse taken from passenger seat.