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Clerk Stings Herself

The Arvada Liquor Licensing Authority suspended the license of Sam's Club Liquor, 7370 West 52nd Avenue, after a clerk sold a 20-pack of beer to a 19-year-old male volunteer working with police during a liquor compliance sting operation conducted by the Arvada Police Department last fall (2006).

The clerk asked for ID from the minor. However, after the minor said he had no ID on him, the clerk still sold him the beer anyway.

Sam's Club Liquor served a three day suspension of its liquor license from January 15 through January 17, 2007.

Seven additional days of suspension are held in abeyance for a one year period on satisfying several conditions:

  • no further violations,
  • employees must attend a state approved liquor education training class, and
  • the liquor store provides written policies and procedures for employees to follow regarding ID checks to prevent violations.