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Child Enticement - False Update

The Arvada Police Department received numerous e-mails and phone calls on September 24 regarding the "updated information" on the recent child enticement cases. 

This information is ERRONEOUS. The sketch and description being distributed are from an old child abduction case in November 2011. This IS NOT THE SAME suspect or in any way related to the recent two attempts. Attached is the correct suspect sketch. 

The vehicle and suspect description have not changed (see below). We a

re concerned that a specific vehicle type, a blue Subaru Imprezza, is being identified by citizens' groups as the suspect vehicle. Based on the on-going investigation, this is not dependable information. 

Please note that if the information is not received directly from the Arvada Police, your school or your HOA liaison, it should not be considered reliable. If there are any updates or additional information available, it will be posted on the Arvada Police Department's web site and Facebook page. 

Suspect Description
The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 5’9”, thin build, sandy or brown hair and late teens to late 30s in age. The second victim described the suspect as not having facial hair, but the first victim described him as having a thin beard and mustache. The Arvada Police caution that people can change in appearance by growing their hair out, cutting and/or dying it, wearing disguises, i.e., wigs, and shaving or growing facial hair. Attached are two scans of a single composite sketch done to assist in the investigation. 

The vehicle used in these incidents is described as a royal blue – similar to the blue worn by the University of Kentucky – 4-door sedan, possibly from the mid 90s. It may have dents on the passenger side rear door and may have half of the rear wheels covered with a "skirt" similar to those seen on a 1996 Cadillac Deville.


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