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Car Thieves Warm Up to Cars Left Running

Starting your day with a cold car is better than starting your day with a stolen car.

That's the warning from the Arvada Police Department as puffer-related auto thefts have nearly doubled from last year's statistics.

There were 11 puffer auto thefts reported in 2009 while there have been 17 reported thus far in 2010, and there is still the cold month of December to come.


With the arrival of cold weather and frost on the windshields, there's traditionally an increase in the number of cars stolen due to the fact some residents leave their vehicles running unoccupied.


As a reminder, it is illegal to leave your car running unattended in Arvada. Anyone in violation of the ordinance is subject to a municipal summons.


For those citizens who have keyless systems for their cars they can leave their vehicle running if they remove the key, lock the ignition and set the brake of the car in compliance with the law.


"It's very tempting to want to leave your car running unattended, but it only takes a matter of seconds for your vehicle to be stolen," said Commander Link Strate of the Arvada Police Department.


The City has also strengthened laws to address people who steal vehicles in Arvada. This ordinance says a suspect charged with Unauthorized Control over a Motor Vehicle will have to make bond or appear in court the next arraignment day. The municipal legal process is designed for swift justice with immediate jail sentencing upon conviction of the crime.


2010 Puffer Fast Facts for Arvada

  • Tuesday is the day of the week with the highest number of puffer-related auto thefts (6)

    Chevrolets are the most frequent make of vehicle being stolen in these incidents (8)

    Most puffer auto thefts occur in the 7 a.m. hour (13)