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Bicyclist Pedals to Liquor License Suspension


The Red Lantern Chinese Restaurant, 8770 Wadsworth Boulevard #P, had its alcohol beverage license suspended for 15 days by the Arvada Liquor Licensing Authority based on an incident occurring earlier this spring.

In the afternoon hours of April 18, 2006 a bicyclist stopped at local restaurant and ordered a double shot of whiskey. Police were called to the restaurant when the man fell off his bar stool and passed out on the floor.

The investigation revealed the cyclist was visibly intoxicated when he was served the alcohol, which is a violation of liquor laws.  

As a result, the five-day active suspension runs consecutively from June 23 through June 27, 2006. The other ten days of the suspension are held in abeyance for the next 12 months on the following conditions: no further liquor violations; the licensee provide employees with written guidelines directed toward preventing future sales to visibly intoxicated customers; and all employees attend liquor training within the next 90 days.

This is the first conviction for Red Lantern Chinese Restaurant.

"An alcohol sale to a visibly intoxicated person is a very serious liquor violation because it puts the health, safety and welfare of the public at risk," said Carla Bennet, liquor licensing investigator for the Arvada Police Department.